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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Windows Eight Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts list

Win+spacebar : Switch input language and keyboard layout

Win+X : Access Power User Tasks Menu

Win+, (comma) : Temporarily peek at the desktop

Win+M: Opens Desktop

Win+O : Locks device orientation

Win+V : Cycles through toasts

Win+Shift+V : Cycles through toasts in reverse order

Win+Enter : Launches Narrator

Win+PgUp : Moves tiles to the left

Win+PgDn : Moves tiles to the right

Win+Shift+. : Moves the split to the left

Win+PrtScr : Copies the current screen and saves it as a PNG file in the default Pictures folder

Win+D : Show Desktop

Win+. : Moves the split to the right

Win+F : Opens File Search App

Win+C : Opens Charms Bar

Win+E : Opens Windows Explorer

Win+R : Opens Run

Win+I : Opens Settings charm

Win+K : Opens Connect charm

Win+H : Opens Share charm

Win+Q :Opens Search pane

Win+W : Opens Settings Search app

Win+L : Lock computer

Win+Z : Opens App Bar.

CTL+ESC : Toggles between Desktop and Metro Start

Ctrl-Alt-Delete : Opns a screen with options to shut down, switch users, log off or quickly open the Task Manager

Left-click on the Start screen brings up options to unpin, resize and uninstall apps

Alt-Tab cycles through apps in sequence

Just start typing with a keyboard in the Start screen to quickly search and launch applications.

Find additional applications (e.g. accessories generally found in the Start menu) can be found in the application list by clicking on the “Search” charm.
New shell keyboard shortcuts:

-WIN+Q for application search

-WIN+W for settings search

-WIN+F for files search

-WIN+I for “settings” charm

-WIN+O for rotation lock

-WIN+C to bring up simple “Start menu” and time/date

Most old shell keyboard shortcuts also work: e.g. WIN+D activates desktop, WIN+R opens “Run”, WIN+L locks user. WIN+E opens Explorer.

In mouse mode, activate the options/charms by moving the mouse to the bottom left edge (where the Windows button used to be).

In mouse mode, right clicking activates in-app options.

With a keyboard, you can use the arrow keys and page up/down to select tiles. Enter launches them. The “menu” button (the key with a drop down) selects them.
Make sure to check the “settings” charm in applications to reveal app-specific settings.

Enable the “high contrast” mode in Control Panel > Ease of Access to see a dark themed Start screen (above)

Key Function

Windows logo key+Y Temporarily peek at the desktop

Windows logo key+Enter Launches Narrator

Windows logo key+F Opens File Search App

Windows logo key+I Opens Settings charm

Windows logo key+K Opens Connect charm

Windows logo key+H Opens Share charm

Windows logo key+Q Opens Search pane

Windows logo key+W Opens Settings Search app

Windows logo key+Z Toggle App Bar

Windows logo key+C Toggle Control menu

Global Shortcuts:
WIN + Q – look for the application.

WIN + W – search on the parameters of the system.

WIN + I – open set

WIN + O – disable screen rotation (turn off the gyro reaction to the tablets)

WIN + C – open a simplified “Start” menu and set the date and time.

Windows Explorer Hotkeys; (Press ALT Key + the below combination)
A – to open the “special features”

C O – to copy the selected items.

C P – copy the path to the file / folder.

C F – copy the folder (use the drop-down list)

D – delete the selected.

E – edit the selected files.

H – to show the history of file versions.

M – move the files (using the drop-down list).

N – Create a new folder.

P S – insert label

P R – open properties.

P E – Open With …, select the application again using a drop-down list.

S A – select all.

S N – deselect.

S I – invert the selection.

R – rename a selected file (s).

T – cut

V – to paste.

W – to create a new document, choose the template – using the drop-down list.

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