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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Activating Microsoft Windows 8 Pro with media center for free with legitimate key!

Yes you heard it right, its possible now just follow some of these simple steps:

1). Activate your copy of windows with a MAK or KMS method (Since MAK keys are harder to find and are used up early so i will tell you only KMS method!).

2). To activate windows using KMS server, run Command Prompt (CMD) as Admin and enter the following in the given order:
slmgr /skms
slmgr.vbs -ato
slmgr /ckms

1). XXXXX is the Generic Volume key for Windows 8 Pro.
2). If the server is running then you will be activated for 180 days.

More working KMS servers:

For "" server, set the time zone at GMT+02.00 Cairo or something no further than 4 hours away from the Cairo timing, then synchronize the time.

3). Visit this official site and get your legit free key for an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro withWindows Media Center.

4). Now right click on extreme lower left corner of your screen and go to "System".

5). Click on "Get more features with a new edition of Windows" and select "I already have a product key", enter the key and follow the online procedure to make your Windows legitimatelyactivated!

Requirement: RTM Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (x86/x64)

NOTE: Free upgrade offer is valid till 31 January 2013, so hurry up!

Help Notes:

1). To check key PID use The Ultimate PID Checker or visit this site

2). For license management use Advanced Tokens Manager or Microsoft Toolkit

3). If you install windows again then you have to follow these procedures again or backup your license using license management software!

4). After this activation your copy of windows becomes retail edition.

5). To be on the legal side and avoid all these hassels, buy yourself a Genuine copy ofWindows 8 Pro at $14.99 (See here).

If you liked the software then please purchase it to support its developers!


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i want to thanks you for sharing brief information on activation of windows. if any one need License Management Software then just follow the link

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